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Article: A Love Letter to the College Girl

A Love Letter to the College Girl

A Love Letter to the College Girl

Dear College Girl,

I remember that moment vividly – stepping onto the college campus for the first time. The blend of emotions is all too familiar: exhilaration, nerves, and that insatiable hunger to conquer the world. College days bring with them a whirlwind of experiences, from challenging classes and dormitory chatter to new friendships and the thrill of newfound independence.

But, like many, my journey was not a straight path. I recall the days of self-doubt, the looming shadow of uncertainty when I decided to leave. It felt as if a chapter had prematurely ended. Yet, life has a unique way of circling back. The year 2012 saw me re-entering the academic realm, a decision that stands as a cornerstone in my life. This taught me that it's never about how you start but how you pivot, persevere, and progress.

So, if you ever find yourself questioning: Does it get better? Is this journey worth the hurdles? Will I truly realize my potential? Know this – you are already embodying all the strength, resilience, and brilliance you aspire to. Every step you take, every challenge you face, is sculpting you, refining you. It's the small leaps of faith, those mustard seeds, that propel us into realms we once only dreamt of.

To the freshman embarking on a new chapter or the senior gearing up to embrace the world, remember: you're not just navigating college; you're navigating life. It's a dance of highs and lows, successes and setbacks. But with belief, with passion, and that undying spark, the world is truly yours to conquer.

Keep believing, keep soaring.

With love,


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